Our Hotel

We offer modern rooms in the most beautiful country style, organic food, WIFI and the extraordinary view of a Rundlingsdorf. Get yourself a glance.

Cycling & Hiking

Wether by bike or hiking, the Wendland with its beautiful landscape and its abundant history is worth being discovered. Find out everything about Rundlingsdörfer, Kirchsteige and the slavic past of the Wendland: our arrangements.

Artisan Craftwork & Music

The Whitsun Market is one of the key dates of cultural life in Satemin. But we offer more than that - check out our event program (german only).

Satemin & the land of the Rundlinge

We live in Satemin, a beautiful Rundling - a circular village which in this pureness you can only find in the Wendland, lower saxony. Read more about  Satemin and the Wendland.

Upcoming events

Currently there are no events.