Satemin 25, DE 29439 Lüchow
Wendland, Germany
Phone: +49 58 41 – 70 92 30

What is to be Done?

Wendland has been off the beaten tourist tracks for decades and hence has been able to maintain its rural character. As a consequence, you will find more creative, engaged, political people than in other rural regions in Germany. Someone coming from today's large cities with vivid cultural live will be surprised about how few things he or she misses when in Wendland, with one difference: Wendland is about silence and slow movement. Or, as a Blogger wrote, instead of visiting meditation classes when you are in the city, you just ride your bicycle through the villages when you are in Wendland.

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Satemin 25, DE 29439 Lüchow
Tel.: 0 58 41 — 70 92 30