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Wendland, Germany
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Take advantage of our package deals which include everything you need for holidays in Wendland. Please excuse the german names – it does not seem practical to have multiple labels for the same thing. All prices are valid per night and per person in double room (DZ) or single room (EZ) / studio.

An der Milchbank erzählt …

  • DZ €65,—
  • EZ/Studio €72,—

The exciting history of the circular villages - slavic/german and soon also Unesco cultural heritage? The Milchbank has always been the gathering place in the Rundling. A small arrangement for the spontaneous!

  • One overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Coffee and cake
  • A talk about slavs, germans & Rundling villages (at the Milchbank)

Zwei runde Tage

  • DZ €99,—
  • EZ/Studio €115,—

Make a round trip through the circular villages! Enough time to get to know Satemin and its environments.

  • 2x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Packed lunch
  • Guided tour through Satemin
  • Maps

Auf Kirchsteigen unterwegs

  • DZ €155,—
  • EZ/Studio €175,—

Kirchsteige are ancient paths between villages and churches. Today they are quiet paths for hikers and bicyclist.

  • 3x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Maps and packet lunch
  • Guided tour

Von Dörp to Dörp

  • DZ €229,—
  • EZ/Studio €249,—

Four days for hiking and bicycling where the villages are circles with nothing but nature in between – in Wendland!

  • 4x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Maps for three days
  • Daily packet lunch
  • coffee and cake optionally
  • Welcome drink with guided tour

Die Wendlandwoche

  • DZ €359,—
  • EZ/Studio €399,—

Enough time to really relax. Hiking, nature, culture or whatever you like.

  • 7x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • 6x packet lunch or coffee and cake
  • Maps

Autumn and Winter

The following offers are valid from November until March (except for Christmas and New Year). They can only be booked with departure on sunday.

Herbstzeitliches Wendland

  • DZ €289,—
  • EZ/Studio €319,—

Five days of recreation with the manifold autumn colors the nature provides.

  • 5x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Maps and equipment
  • Packet lunch
  • Welcome drink and guided tour


  • 2 nights DZ €124,—
  • 2 nights EZ/Studio €140,—
  • 3 nights DZ €190,—
  • 3 nights im EZ/Studio €215,—

Winter time is silent in Wendland. When everything is snowy and most bird have gone to Africa it is time to relax silently and do somthing for body and mind, preferably indoors.

  • with breakfast
  • Coffee and cake
  • One session per day


Easter and Christmas have always been time for friends and family, and are celebrated best in the tranquility of our circular village Satemin with its calm surroundings. We provide you with everything needed and leave you be.

Ostern im Wendland

  • DZ €166,—
  • EZ/Studio €179,—

Easter in Germany is about upcoming spring, huge Easter fires in the field, and time for the family.

  • 3x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • Coffee and cake
  • Large buffet on Good Friday
  • Easter buffet on Saturday
  • Village resident's Osterfeuer


  • Studio €199,—
  • Maisonette €214,—

In Satemin you can experience christmas all silent. Bookable in studio/maisonette apartment only.

  • 3x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • 2x set buffet in the apartment
  • Solemn lunch on christmas day
  • Christmas tree in the apartment

Silvester im Rundling

  • Studio €189,—
  • Maisonette €209,—

New year's eve  in the mysterious landscape of Wendland, with delicious dinner, storytellers and subdued music.

  • 3x overnight stay w/ breakfast
  • 3x coffee and cake
  • Large Buffet
  • Midnight Snack
  • Traditional Silvester Walk on new years eve's morning (guided)
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