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Hiking and Biking

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The Rundling (circular village) landscape is the unique characteristic of Wendland. The rich history of villages and houses as well as today's daily life of Wendlands inhabitants are worth being discovered when hiking around Satemin. Please have a look at our offerings for hikers!

You might need suitable shoes, but everything else can be provided by us: Bags and backpacks, caps, rain jackets and umbrellas, hiking- or nordic walking sticks in various sizes as well as maps and information. Likewise we lend bicycles or make a reservation on your behalf.

Satema's way

A short way of 2km around the village of Satemin – ideal to get acquainted with its surroundings. You might discover many animals and see the backyards of the farm houses behind their beautiful meadows.

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This short hiking track of 7km leads you through meadows, on to an ancient water mill and four circular villages.

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The following paths are well signposted and easy to go. Our staff will be pleased to help you planning your individual tour.


This track is about 23km long and goes into the Rundling landscape. You go pass fields and meadows and pass a Rundling every two or three kilometers, e.g. the well known and beautiful villages Jabel, Püggen, Bussau and Diahren.

In Lübeln, an open air museum-like village, you can visit the Wendlandhof, where you can whatch shows depicting the rural live of the nineteenth century. 

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This tour extends the above path further towards the west, up to a length of 48km. Discover small meadows and hedges and the animals therein, and the beautiful Rundling Bussau and Zeetze (wich has a famous church from the 14th century).

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You can use *.kml - Files to visualize hiking tracks, i.e. for mobile devices to use them as map device on tour. On Android there is the app OruxMaps for hiking, iOS (iPhone etc.) has e.g. Galileo Offline Maps.

Ancient and abandoned paths

In the following area you find alternative tracks for hiking and biking and tracks that are abandoned. They bring you into other parts of the Wendladn, like the Lucie, the Görde, the inner-german border. The tracks are intact, yet they may lack signs. You might as well visit the old Hanse-village of Salzwedel, which has a nice architecture in the inner city.

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